Investing in Stock Market Syllabus | Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem Investing in Stock Market Syllabus


COM-GE-1026: Investing in Stock Markets
Marks: 100 Credit: 6 Lectures: 65

Objective: This paper intends to provide basic skills to operate in stock markets and the ways of investing in it. It will enable the student to take up investment in stock markets independently.


Unit I: Investing Fundamentals 15 Lectures

Types of Investment- Equity shares, IPO/FPO, Bonds, Indian Securities Market: the market participants, trading of securities, security market indices. Sources of financial information; Stock exchanges in India; BSE, NSE, MCX, Buying and selling of stocks: using brokerage and analysis recommendations. Use of limit order and market order.

Unit II: Stock Analysis and Valuation 20 Lectures

Online trading stock. Understanding stock quotations, types and placing of order. Risk its valuation and mitigation. Analysis of the company; financial characteristics (as explained by ratio analysis, future prospects of the company, assessing quality of management using financial and non-financial data, balance sheet and quarterly results, cash flows and capital structure). Comparative analysis of companies. Stock valuation, using ratios like PF ration PEG ratio and price revenue ratio. Use of historic prices, simple moving average, basic and advanced interactive charts. Examining the shareholding pattern of the company. Pitfalls to avoid while investing: high P/E stocks, low price stocks, stop loss, excess averaging.

Unit III: Investing in Mutual Funds 15 Lectures

Background of Mutual Funds: Needs and advantages of investing in Mutual Funds. Net Asset Value. Types of Mutual Funds; Open ended, closed ended, equity, debt, hybrid, and money market. Load vs no load funds. Factors affecting choice of mutual funds CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking and its Usage.

Unit IV: understanding Derivatives 15 Lectures

Futures, Options, trading in futures and options. Understanding stock market quotes on futures and options. Types of orders, Put and Call options: how put and Call options work. Commodities, Derivatives of commodities, trading of commodity derivatives on MCX, Currency, derivatives and its trading.

Suggested Readings:

  1. Gitman and Joehnk, Fundamentals of Investing, Pearson.
  2. Madura, Jeff, Personal Finance, Pearson.
  3. Chandra, Prasanna, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Tata McGraw Hill.
  4. Damodaran, Aswath, Investment Valuation Tool and Techniques for Determining

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