Indian Economy Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022), Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem

 Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem Question Papers
Indian Economy Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022)
4 (SEM-4/CBCS) COM HG – 1/HG – 2
Full Marks: 80
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
Paper: COM-HG-4016  (Indian Economy)

1. Answer the following questions:      1×6=6

(a)       Define absolute poverty.

(b)       In which year NEDFI was formed?

(c)       Mention the name of the state of India which has the highest poverty rate.

(d)       Where is the headquarter of WTO located?

(e)       Write the full form of DoNER.

(f)        When and where the green revolution was started for the first time in India?

2. Write short answers: (within 30 words)          2×5=10

(a)       What is human development?

(b)       Mention two measures for removing the problem of poverty in India.

(c)       What do you mean by fiscal policy?

(d)       Write two important functions of North Eastern Council (NEC).

(e)       Write two objectives of monetary policy of India.

3. Answer in brief of any four from the following (within 250 words):             6×4=20

(a)       Distinguish between economic growth and economic development.

(b)       Explain briefly the role of service sector towards India’s economic development.

(c)       What are the negative impacts of globalization on Indian economy?

(d)       Explain the positive effects of new economic reforms (1991) of India on its economy.

(e)       What are the problems related to deficit balance of payment in India?

(f)        Write a brief note on India’s Public Distribution System (PDS).


4. Answer any four from the following: (within 600 words)    10×4=40

(a) Explain the recent changing pattern of India’s foreign trade in terms of its composition and direction.

(b)  Discuss the agricultural pricing policy of India.

(c) Write in detail about the relationship between the growth of population and economic development in Indian context.

(d)  State the prospects of industrialization in the north eastern region. Explain the role played by the Act East Policy in this context.

(e) Critically explain the recent sectoral contribution of India’s national income.

(f) What is the role of public sector in Indian economic development? Do you think privatization is the necessity of today’s modern economic development in India? Give reasons.


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