Human Resource Management Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022), Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem Hons

 Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem Question Papers
Human Resource Management Question Paper 2021
COMMERCE 2021 (Held in 2022)
Paper: COM-HC-4036 (Human Resource Management)
Full Marks: 80
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Choose the correct answer:                   1×6=6

(a) Who introduced “Ten C” principle in HRM?

(1)       Edwin B. Flippo.

(2)       Rensis Likert.

(3)       Alan Price.

(4)       French Wendell.

(b) Which one of the following is not the external source of recruitment?

(1)       Employment Exchange.

(2)       Campus Recruitment.

(3)       Advertising.

(4)       Previous Applicant.

(c) The training techniques that allows trainees to solve problem and work in different departments is called

(1)       Job rotation.

(2)       Action learning.

(3)       Lifelong learning.

(4)       Management development.

(d) The multiple-input approach feedback is called _______ degree assessment.

(1)       90.

(2)       180.

(3)       270.

(4)       360.

(e)       Which of the following is not a non-financial incentive?

(1)       Status.

(2)       Co-partnership.

(3)       Job security.

(4)       Organisational climate.

(f) Ensuring the safety, health and welfare of the employees is the primary purpose of the

(1)       Factories Act, 1948.

(2)       Payment of Wages Act, 1936.

(3)       Equal Remuneration Act, 1976.

(4)       Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.

2. Write very short answers: (within 30 words each)                       2×5=10

(1)       What do you mean by Human Capital?

(2)       What is personality test?

(3)       What is career planning?

(4)       State the objective of Job evaluation.

(5)       State the essentials of a good incentive plan.

3. Write short answer of the following within 100 words each:               6×4=24

(1)       State the functions of HRM.

(2)       Write the essentials of a sound HR policy.

(3)       What are the essentials of good selection policy?

(4)       What is Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS)? State the benefits of VRS.

4. Answer any four of the following questions: (Each within 300 words)            10×4=40

(a) Describe the procedure involved in developing and implementing Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

(b) Discuss the status and qualities of a Human Resource Manager with reference to plantation industry.

(c) What is Human Resource Planning? Briefly discuss the Human Resource planning process.

(d) Critically evaluate the need of training and development as a source of competitive advantages.

(e) What is Performance appraisal? Discuss the modern methods of performance appraisal.

(f) Highlight the various methods adopted by industries for maintaining sound employer-employee relation in India.


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