Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022), Gauhati University B.Com 3rd Sem Question Papers

Gauhati University B.Com 3rd Sem Question Papers


Entrepreneurship Question Paper’ 2021

(Held in 2022)


(Skill Enhancement Course)

Answer the Questions from any one Option


Paper: COM-SEC-3014


Full Marks: 50

Time: Two hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed: 1×4=4

a) Who advocated the concept of innovation in entrepreneurship?

b) Suggest one measure to remove the problems of small business.

c) Write the full form of DICC.

d) Mention one component of Business Plan.

2. Write short answer: 2×3=6

a) State two differences between Social entrepreneur and Business entrepreneur.

b) State two problems confronted by the small tea growers in Assam.

c) Mention two contents of a business plan.

3. Write answers to the following: 5×2=10

a) Write about five essential qualities of an entrepreneur.

b) Highlight five contributions of small and medium scale entrepreneurs in the development of Indian economy.

4. Write answers to the following: (any three) 10×3=30

a) What is Rural Entrepreneurship? What significant role can the rural entrepreneurs play in economic development of our country? Discuss. 2+8=10

b) State five characteristics to understand the nature of small enterprises. Give five types of small enterprises with their characteristics. 5+5=10

c) What is Business Group? What is Family Business? What are the major features of family business? 2+2+6=10

d) What is understood by business incubators? Write about the features and functions of business incubators. 2+8=10

e) What is plant location? What is plant lay-out? Plant lay-out aims to achieve certain objectives. What are those? 2+2+6=10

f) What is Resource Mobilisation? Categories the resources needed to start up a business. 2+8=10


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