Business Communication Question Paper 2020 (Held in 2021), Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem Question Paper

Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem Question Paper

Business Communication Question Paper 2020 (Held in 2021)

4 (SEM – 1 / CBCS) BCM – AE/MIL


Paper: BCM – AE – 1014

Full Marks: 80

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions Answer the Questions from any one Option.


Paper: BCM-AE-1014 (ENG)


1. State whether the following statements are True or False: (any ten)                  1×10=10

a) The word ‘communis’ means ‘to share’, ‘to impart’, ‘to participate’ or ‘to make common’.

b) When we interact, the process of communication may change.

c) Listening is to take information while remaining judgemental and unempathetic.

d) Downward communication in an organisation is empowered by authority.

e) Cultural insensitivity may enhance communication barriers.

f) Noise is any hindrance or interference.

g) After a telephonic talk with your senior, your willingness to do a task entrusted on you would be considered ‘feedback’.

h) Circular letters create an impression of personal interest by using ‘you’ and never ‘all customers’.

i) A good resume should not consist of your special skills, but only of your past experience and your level of education.

j) In report writing, facts are not based on thorough study or investigation.

k) In a Group Discussion, one of the desirable actions is to over speak.

l) While writing an e-mail, it is imperative to keep caps lock off.

2. Answer any five of the following:        2×5=10

a) Discuss the advantages of formal communication.

b) Discuss ‘empathy’ as a basic precondition to have effective interpersonal communication.

c) Social Media and rumour.

d) The effectiveness of visual presentation.

e) Discuss the factors that guide us during ‘audience analysis’.

f) Haptic Communication.

g) Minutes of Meeting.

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3. Answer the following:5×4=20

(a) Correct any five of the following:                   1×5=5

1) Myself I am Bitupan Medhi.

2) He did not wrote the test last week.

3) What is the time in your watch?

4) I prefer coffee than tea.

5) I cut my hair yesterday.

6) He can swim, can he?

7) His lecture was fairly boring.

8) This flower is more lovelier than the other.

(b) Correct any five of the words that have been underlined:                 1×5=5

1) My collaegue has left for better opportunities.

2) It is embarasing to be praised on the face.

3) The lump turned out to be benine.

4) I must conceed, I did not expect him to do well.

5) The furniture’s are too ornate for this small office.

6) The liason officer arranged for our stay.

7) I have to vaccum my room tomorrow.

(c) Correct any five of the following:                   1×5=5

1) Magic tricks are a slight/sleight of hand.

2) She pulled long mouth/face when she was told she couldn’t go out for the outing.

3) Many areas in the city were merged/plunged into darkness for several hours.

4) I wish I was/were a king.

5) I like to talk to him. He is conducive/amenable to reason.

6) We cannot go on strike every year. Now that we have gone on strike we must culminate/clinch this issue.

7) The Sun is stationary/stationery.

(d) Do as directed: (any five)  1×5=5

1) Write the synonyms of Insolvent and Rebate.

2) Write the antonyms of Common and Anonymous.

3) A person living at the same time as another.  (Provide the single word)

4) One who does not believe in God.  (Provide the single word)

5) Promises should be kept.  (Change the voice)

6) What a horrible experience !  (Change into assertive sentence)

7) Every rose has a thorn.  (Change into negative, keeping meaning intact)

8) The leather bag is mine.  (Make it a complex sentence)

4. (a)Answer any two of the following: 10×2=20

1) What do you mean by barriers of communication? Write briefly on Semantic barrier and Psychological barriers.

2) Discuss the process of communication.

3) What is a Notice and an Agenda of a meeting? What are the key points to keep in mind while drafting them?

4) Discuss the four pillars: self image, self-talk, self-esteem and self-confidence of Intrapersonal Communication.

5) Why are reports written? Write a short report, written in letter form with subject line, introduction, conclusion and recommendation. You may provide an illustration of your own.

(b) Write on any two of the following:                    10×2=20

1) Write a request letter for quotation of La Opala Crockery. State clearly what you want in terms of discount, delivery, packaging and terms of payment.

2) Draft a letter to a first-time loan seeker from your bank. You have to turn down his request for credit. Pay attention to the tone of your refusal and tact in assuring him of another opportunity.

3) Assume that you are the Sales Manager of Indigo Prints & Blocks, Jaipur. Write an adjustment letter accepting the complain of the local dealer that the fabric he had received from you have not been “fast colour” as your label had claimed. Take care to specify what steps you will take to compensate for the fault.

4) Write a Memo to your Salesman who works in your Departmental Store “Farm-shelves”, asking for an explanation for his frequent unauthorized absence from duty.

5) Draft a circular letter announcing the change of premise of your office “Urban Rental Services” from Rukmininagar, Dispur to Bhangagarh, near Times of India Building.


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