Business Communication Question Paper 2019, Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem CBCS Pattern

Gauhati University B.Com 1st​​ Sem Question Papers



Paper: BCM – AE/MIL – 1014

Full Marks: 80

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

Answer the questions from any one of the Options


Paper: BCM-AE-1014

(Business Communication)

1.​​ State whether the following statements are True or False (any ten):​​   1x10=10

  • Feedback is the loop where output turn to inputs like evaluation, reaction and assessment.​​ 

  • Intrapersonal communication is stimulated by events, objects, persons or external exchanges.​​ 

  • Non-verbal communication cannot be enhanced by a well-trained communicator to amplify the spoken word.​​ 

  • Lack of emotional intelligence is a barrier in communication.​​ 

  • We share information in communication.​​ 

  • Appearance and dressing may reflect personality traits.​​ 

  • Listening is a skill that needs to be practised and taken seriously as speaking.​​ 

  • In two-way communication, the receiver is not an active agent in construction of meaning.​​ 

  • Report is an oral presentation only of the results of an investigation or of any matter on which definite information is required.​​ 

  • Lateral flow of communication cut across different levels of an organization’s hierarchy.​​ 

  • In a TV programme, decoding by the audience is done from their social context.​​ 

2. Answer any five of​​ the following questions:​​     2x5=10

  • Discuss ‘perception’ as a barrier in communication.​​ 

  • Can ‘self-talk’ create a positive emotional and psychological state in ourselves,​​ in our intrapersonal communication?

  • How can grapevine positively impact communication exchange and sharing within an organization? Write your opinion.​​ 

  • What are the details that should be included in a notice for a meeting?

  • What is ‘complimentary close’ in a message?

  • Write briefly either on paralanguage or on Proxemics.​​ 

  • Discuss the ‘memo’ as an intra-organizational mode of communication.​​ 

3. Answer the following:​​   5x4=20

  • Correct any five of the following:1x5=5

  • I am having two brothers and two sisters.​​ 

  • You can give me an information.​​ 

  • He will bath in the Ganges to wash off his sins.​​ 

  • The police is coming.​​ 

  • Although it was cold but we had to work.​​ 

  • She is married with a doctor.​​ 

  • Correct any five of the words that have been underlined: ​​ 1x5=5

  • Bhupen Hazarika was a great​​ literateor​​ of Assam.​​ 

  • We have been standing in the​​ qeueu​​ since nine in the morning.​​ 

  • Febuary​​ comes after January.​​ 

  • Without​​ liesure​​ there can no creativity.​​ 

  • What a​​ wierd​​ thing to do!

  • Our plan is​​ defenite.​​ 

  • The​​ dowgh​​ for the cake is ready.​​ 

  • Take this​​ fourty​​ rupees!

  • Correct any five of the following as directed:​​  1x5=5

  • My brother immigrated from India. (Correct the wrong word)

  • We often flaunt traffic rules. (Correct the wrong word)

  • She is always at the phone. (Replace the incorrect preposition)

  • A flux/furore was created when my purse was snatched away. (Choose the correct option)

  • The peasant refused to growl/grovel at the feet of his master. (Choose the correct option)

  • A large spread lied on the table. (Correct the wrong word)

  • Do not speak on/at the same time. (Choose the correct option)

  • Do as directed (any five):​​  1x5=5

  • Public sale in which articles are sold to the highest bidder. (Express in one word)

  • Give the synonym of Fake and Accessory.​​ 

  • Give the antonym of Haughty and Frugal.​​ 

  • People working in the same department or office. (Express in one word)

  • Do you know her? (Change the voice)​​ 

  • Only they can do the work. (Change into negative)

  • His fans love him. (Change it into an interrogative sentence)

  • Make a sentence with ‘to hit the nail on the head’.​​ 

4. (a) Answer any two of the following:​​   10x2=20

  • What do you understand about Resume? Write briefly on your educational qualifications in a neat order and the skills you want to highlight about yourself.​​ 

  • Discuss the directions in which communication flows within an organization.​​ 

  • Write the structure of a formal report, in proper sequence and order. State what each section specifies, in brief.​​ 

  • What are the 7C’s of communication?

  • What do you understand by barriers of communication? Write briefly on ‘judgemental attitude’ and ‘cultural insensitivity’ as barriers of communication.​​ 

(b) Answer any two of the following:​​  10x2=20

  • Write a letter of goodwill, congratulating your colleague on his winning the ‘Employee of the Year’ award.​​ 

  • Write a circular informing your customers about the ‘Festive Christmas’ discount at your store ‘Step-in’ at Fancy Bazar, Guwahati.​​ 

  • As the Managing Director of ‘Magic Looms Ltd.’ write a complaint letter to Usha Machines regarding the delay of delivery of the 03 ultra speed 2020 weaving machines causing inconvenience to your production.​​ 

  • Create only two slides of your PowerPoint presentation on ‘water-scarcity’ in the city of Guwahati. Dedicate one slide to text and the second slide to a visual representation, on the issue. Draw the two slides.​​ 

  • Write a letter of enquiry to a Travel Agency to seek information on their holiday packages to Goa, complete with the brochure, costs all amenities that are provided by them.​​ 

  • Imagine yourself as a customer of Lotus Beauty Products. Write a letter requesting credit facilities for your order amounting to two-lakh rupees.​​ 



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