Business Communication Question Paper 2019, Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem CBCS Pattern

Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem Question Papers
BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Question Paper 2019 (Honours/Regular)

Paper: BCM – AE/MIL – 1014
Full Marks: 80 (Time: 3 hours)
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Answer the questions from any one of the Options
OPTION – A (Paper: BCM-AE-1014)
(Business Communication)

1. State whether the following statements are True or False (any ten):            1×10=10

(a) Feedback is the loop where output turn to inputs like evaluation, reaction and assessment.

(b) Intrapersonal communication is stimulated by events, objects, persons or external exchanges.

(c) Non-verbal communication cannot be enhanced by a well-trained communicator to amplify the spoken word.

(d) Lack of emotional intelligence is a barrier in communication.

(e) We share information in communication.

(f) Appearance and dressing may reflect personality traits.

(g) Listening is a skill that needs to be practised and taken seriously as speaking.

(h) In two-way communication, the receiver is not an active agent in construction of meaning.

(i) Report is an oral presentation only of the results of an investigation or of any matter on which definite information is required.

(j) Lateral flow of communication cut across different levels of an organization’s hierarchy.

(k) In a TV programme, decoding by the audience is done from their social context.

2. Answer any five of the following questions:            2×5=10

(a) Discuss ‘perception’ as a barrier in communication.

(b) Can ‘self-talk’ create a positive emotional and psychological state in ourselves, in our intrapersonal communication?

(c) How can grapevine positively impact communication exchange and sharing within an organization? Write your opinion.

(d) What are the details that should be included in a notice for a meeting?

(e) What is ‘complimentary close’in a message?

(f) Write briefly either on paralanguage or on Proxemics.

(g) Discuss the ‘memo’ as an intra-organizational mode of communication.

3. Answer the following:               5×4=20

(a) Correct any five of the following:             1×5=5

(1) I am having two brothers and two sisters.

(2) You can give me an information.

(3) He will bath in the Ganges to wash off his sins.

(4) The police is coming.

(5) Although it was cold but we had to work.

(6) She is married with a doctor.

(b) Correct any five of the words that have been underlined:  1×5=5

(1) Bhupen Hazarika was a great literateor of Assam.

(2) We have been standing in the qeueu since nine in the morning.

(3) Febuary comes after January.

(4) Without liesure there can no creativity.

(5) What a wierd thing to do!

(6) Our plan is defenite.

(7) The dowgh for the cake is ready.

(8) Take this fourty rupees!

(c) Correct any five of the following as directed:      1×5=5

(1) My brother immigrated from India. (Correct the wrong word)

(2) We often flaunt traffic rules. (Correct the wrong word)

(3) She is always at the phone. (Replace the incorrect preposition)

(4) A flux/furore was created when my purse was snatched away. (Choose the correct option)

(5) The peasant refused to growl/grovel at the feet of his master. (Choose the correct option)

(6) A large spread lied on the table. (Correct the wrong word)

(7) Do not speak on/at the same time. (Choose the correct option)

(d) Do as directed (any five):            1×5=5

(1) Public sale in which articles are sold to the highest bidder. (Express in one word)

(2) Give the synonym of Fake and Accessory.

(3) Give the antonym of Haughty and Frugal.

(4) People working in the same department or office. (Express in one word)

(5) Do you know her? (Change the voice)

(6) Only they can do the work. (Change into negative)

(7) His fans love him. (Change it into an interrogative sentence)

(8) Make a sentence with ‘to hit the nail on the head’.

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4. (a) Answer any two of the following:       10×2=20

(1) What do you understand about Resume? Write briefly on your educational qualifications in a neat order and the skills you want to highlight about yourself.

(2) Discuss the directions in which communication flows within an organization.

(3) Write the structure of a formal report, in proper sequence and order. State what each section specifies, in brief.

(4) What are the 7C’s of communication?

(5) What do you understand by barriers of communication? Write briefly on ‘judgemental attitude’ and ‘cultural insensitivity’ as barriers of communication.

(b) Answer any two of the following:   10×2=20

(1) Write a letter of goodwill, congratulating your colleague on his winning the ‘Employee of the Year’ award.

(2) Write a circular informing your customers about the ‘Festive Christmas’ discount at your store ‘Step-in’ at Fancy Bazar, Guwahati.

(3) As the Managing Director of ‘Magic Looms Ltd.’ write a complaint letter to Usha Machines regarding the delay of delivery of the 03 ultra-speed 2020 weaving machines causing
inconvenience to your production.

(4) Create only two slides of your PowerPoint presentation on ‘water-scarcity’ in the city of Guwahati. Dedicate one slide to text and the second slide to a visual representation, on the
issue. Draw the two slides.

(5) Write a letter of enquiry to a Travel Agency to seek information on their holiday packages to Goa, complete with the brochure, costs all amenities that are provided by them.

(6) Imagine yourself as a customer of Lotus Beauty Products. Write a letter requesting credit facilities for your order amounting to two-lakh rupees.


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