Business Communication Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022), Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem Question Paper

Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem Question Paper

Business Communication Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022)

4 (SEM – 1 / CBCS) BCM – AE/MIL


Paper: BCM – AE – 1014

Full Marks: 80

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions Answer the Questions from any one Option.


Paper: BCM – AE – 1014 (ENG) (English)

1. State whether the following statements are True or False: (any ten)                  1×10=10

(a)      Chronemics is the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication.

(b)      Egotism, hostility and prejudice determine ‘noise’ in communication.

(c)       ‘You’ attitude means conveying the message from the writer’s point of view.

(d)      Ability to communicate effectively is closely linked to the ability to perform effectively.

(e)      There is a close relationship between grapevine and morale of employees.

(f)       Business letters do not only convey the business message to the audience but also influence their attitude and invoke the desired response.

(g)      An enquiry made at the buyer’s own initiative is known as a solicited enquiry.

(h)      Reports play a vital role in decision making and formulation of administrative policies at all levels in all kinds of organizations.

(i)       ‘Listening’ is a passive activity in communication.

(j)       Formal communication has nothing to do with the line and authority of an organization.

(k)      Interpersonal communication is the internal dialogue occurring within the mind of an individual.

(l)       Group communication is possible through oral communication.

2. Answer any five of the following:        2×5=10

(a)      Write short notes on encoding and decoding.

(b)      Mention some limitations of downward communication.

(c)       What do you understand by the term ‘paralanguage’?

(d)      List two points to show cultural differences across the globe.

(e)      Write briefly on the importance of group communication.

(f)     What is the importance of a postscript in a sales letter?

3. Answer the following:                              5×4=20

(a) Correct any five of the following:   1×5=5

(1)   Strive above all things to persevere health.

(2)     I am, to tell you the truth, feeling fed up with his behaviour.

(3)     Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Amritsar is an important city of Punjab.

(4)     United we stand, divided we fall down.

(5)     A sweet young boy is sitting in the back of the classroom.

(6)     Aunt Jennifer lives in constant fear from her chauvinist husband.

(7)     She has been absent from last Sunday.

(8)     Neither of the girls are willing to help me.

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(b)     Correct any five of the words that have been underlined:   1×5=5

(1)     Cases of chain-snatchers are on the rise.

(2)     Loving for one’s country is an important bond that unities us all in a nation.

(3)     If speech is silver, salience is golden.

(4)     Mohan worked they and night before the examinations.

(5)     You must work very herd.

(6)     The dear saw the tigress from a distance and ran away.

(7)     The govment has cleared the project.

(c)      Choose the correct option: (any five)                            1×5=5

(1)     The teacher said that the earth rotates/revolves around the sun.

(2)     Will the employer accede/exceed to the workers’ demands?

(3)     The little shop down the street sells stationary/stationery items.

(4)     Please be quiet/quite.

(5)     The site/cite for the hotel has been cleared for construction.

(6)     The priest placed the offerings at the altar/alters.

(7)     His attitude towards his work in casual/causal to say the least.

(d)     Do as directed: (any five)   1×5=5

(1)     Give the antonyms of encourage and flexible.

(2)     Give the synonyms of ultimate and monotonous.

(3)     That which cannot be understood. (Express in one word)

(4)     A list of names of books. (Express in one word)

(5)     The book is being read by Ram. (Change the voice)

(6)     I am doubtful whether the job has been done or not. (Change into negative without changing the meaning)

(7)     We must work very hard or we shall not achieve the target. (Change into simple sentence)

(8)     Do we mean to work in an organization just for getting money? (Change into assertive sentence)

4. (a) Answer any two of the following:                                 10×2=20

a) What is nonverbal communication? What are the various types of non-verbal communication?      2+8=10

b) Define a memo. Why are memos important for intra-organizational communication? What are the guiding points to write a good memo?                      2+3+5=10

c) “Every business letter in principle is a sales letter”. Discuss the objectives of a sales letter in the light of this statement. 10

d) What are physical barriers in communication? How can you overcome them?                 2+8=10

e) What do you mean by structure and layout of a business report? Explain in detail various parts shown in the addenda of a formal report.           4+6=10

(b) Write on any two of the following:   10×2=20

a) Write a letter to a customer, Jamanadas & Co. confirming the dispatch of their order for electrical goods.

b) As the manager of SBI, Jamalpur branch, draft a suitable reply to Ravan Enterprises, refusing them credit facility.

c) Write a sales letter to promote the sale of a tonic to increase one’s memory power.

d) You are a chemical engineer, having four years work experience. Draft an application letter to Rajinder Fertilizers, for the post of Production Manager in their company.

e) Write a letter of quotation to Durga Traders, quoting the least prices of HMT watches in your outlet.


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